Zollino: John Scott Residency at Yoga In Salento May-June, 2017

17 giugno 2017 presso YIS – Yoga In Salento a Zollino.

New for 2017 John will be travelling to the beautiful Italian countryside of Zollino for a 6 week residency (please ignore the event dates above). What John is hoping to create in partnership with Yoga In Salento is a space where students can spend periods of practice with him that closer suit the students needs. In John’s early visits to Mysore, India, when he practiced under the guidance of Guruji, students could stay for shorter or longer periods of practice as their circumstances permitted and so John is looking to recreate this ‘open’ 6 week period of practice and invites all students, new or old, to attend.

Please note that numbers in the assisted practice sessions may be limited (Guruji used to teach with less than 12 students at a time) so please check with Yoga in Salento that your application has been accepted. John may also invite teaching graduates to assist him during this period where he deems this is appropriate.

Note: The format of this event is 6 individual 1 week blocks. Book for 1 week or all 6!

(Site in Italian, French, English and German)

Indirizzo: via stazione, 116, Zollino
John Scott Residency at Yoga In Salento May-June, 2017

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