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Venice: 3rd Symposium of the Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons

09 novembre 2017 presso Venezia, Italia a Venice.

– The Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons warmly invites you to participate in the 3rd symposium of the A-DFS, which is held November 2017 in Venice, Italy
– The symposium will offer the participants 21⁄2 days of lectures with lectures, hands-on sessions with live cases, abstract and poster sessions.
– Participants get the opportunity to experience and meet with other researchers and clinicians within the field.
On behalf of the A-DFS board
Dr. Armin Koller, Chairman and Prof. Luca Dalla Paola, Conference Chairman

Programme highlights
- Cardiology for risk assessment in the surgical phase
- Amputation: failure or bailout?
- Charcot foot in a modern surgical approach
- Surgical management of the infected foot
- Timing of revascularization and foot surgery
- Prophilactic surgery
- Offloading after surgery
- Management of complications
- Live cases

A-DFS board
– Chairman Armin Koller, Germany
– Vice Chairman Luca Dalla Paola, Italy (2017 conference chairman) – Scientific Vice Chairman Thomas Zgonis, United States
– Secretary Klaus Kirketerp-Moeller, Denmark
– Treasurer Ralph Springfeld, Germany
– Board member Sigurd Kessler, Germany
– Board member Alberto Piaggesi, Italy
– Board member Jan Rumbaut, Belgium

Objectives of the A-DFS
- To support cooperation and best practice in research, education and clinical interventions between foot surgeons working with or having an interest in the diabetic foot.
- To organise conferences and meetings with the aim to promote sharing of knowledge and experiences about surgery on the diabetic foot.
- To support the development of work techniques and approaches as well as developing medical devices which will facilitate better surgical treatment of the diabetic foot.
- To cooperate with and support contact to other associations as well as research institutions and industry working with surgical interventions on the diabetic foot.
- To promote the interests of surgery in the diabetic foot.

A-DFS Meeting Secretariat
CAP Partner
Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2000 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Tel: +45 70 20 03 05 E-mail:

3rd Symposium of the Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons

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