Varese: Cycling Meeting 7 Lakes

19 giugno 2017 presso Varese, Italy a Varese.

Enjoy a cycling tours around 7 lakes with 500 and more local cyclist of FIAB.
We organize every day up to 4 different tours between 30 and 80 km. Lunch or dinner and plenty of other activities are part of the program.
Fiab is a no profit organization to promote the urban and turist cycling culture in Italy.

Varese, land of lakes and gardens, home of the Art Nouveau and capital of outdoor sports. Our province never ends surprising, one of the few Italian territories proud to have environmental and artistic heritage that conquers who do not know it and often surprises also us, used to such beauty.
To sum up, the reasons to come to Varese are many and, further, they are good for both body and mind. Here, now you can feel the emotion of the main competitions, but also the fascination that give the lakes, the Prealps, the hospitality of our hotels, bed&
breakfasts, holiday farms and at the same time notice that really, in this land where work and passion accompany to beauty and nature, one day, really, is not enough.
Cycling is one of the most versatile sports and pastimes: it is beautiful, ecological, and healthy. That is not all. It is also the best way to enjoy the beauty of the area where you live or travel. And Varese is by now an area of excellence for the cycle-tourist and the two wheels fan. With over 100 km of pedestrian trails, the Varese territory is ranked second among the Italian Provinces for the extension of its tracks, which allow the lovers of nature, relaxing and healthy living to capture and appreciate more easily the sometimes forgotten spaces, views of landscapes, natural beauty, and history-culture that motivate them.

Cycling Meeting 7 Lakes

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