Rome: 3rd World Congress on Chromatography

21 settembre 2017 presso Rome, Italy a Rome.

Theme: Advancement in chromatography techniques

World congress on Chromatography 2016 will be held at Amsterdam, Netherlands during September 10-12, 2016. The main theme of the conference is “Advancement in chromatography techniques”. Chromatography 2016 will bring together developers, users, academicians and researchers for sharing and exploring new areas of research and development and to discuss emerging issues.

Chromatography is physical method of separating complex mixtures into their components. There are different types of chromatography based on the mobile and stationary phase. Chromatography involves a sample (or sample extract) being dissolved in a mobile phase (which may be a gas, a liquid or a supercritical fluid). The mobile phase is then forced through an immobile, immiscible stationary phase. The phases are chosen such that components of the sample have differing solubilities in each phase.

Conference Highlights

High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Membrane separation
Advances in Sample Preparation Techniques
High-Impact Application Fields
Novel Techniques in chromatography
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Advances in Mass Spectrometry
Large Scale Preparative Chromatography for the manufacturing of APIs
Green Technologies, Future Challenges and Trends in chromatography

3rd World Congress on Chromatography

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