Rome: 22nd World Cardiology Conference

11 dicembre 2017 presso Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia a Rome.

With the success of World Cardiology 2016 in Dubai, UAE, Cardiology Conferences invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “22nd World Cardiology Conference” during December 11-12, 2017 at Rome, Italy. This event will bring together world-class professors, scientists and cardiologists to discuss strategies for disease remediation for heart. 

Cardiology Conference is designed to provide diverse and current education that will keep medical professionals abreast of the issues affecting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiology is a forte of inner pharmaceutical managing issue of the heart is it human or creature. The field incorporates therapeutic analysis and treatment of intrinsic heart imperfections, coronary vein infection, heart disappointment, valvular coronary illness and electrophysiology. Cardiology is concerned with the typical usefulness of the heart and the deviation from a sound heart. Numerous issue include the heart itself yet some are outside of the heart.

World Cardiology Conference is a unique forum to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular researchers, public health professionals, scientists, academic scientists, industry researchers, scholars to exchange about state of the art research and technologies.

Conference highlights:

Clinical Cardiology
Cardiovascular Diseases
Vascular Heart Diseases
Hypertension & Stroke
Current Research in Cardiology
Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Nursing
Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure
Cardiovascular Diseases during Pregnancy
Device Therapy
Pediatric Cardiology
Heart Regeneration
Medical Management
Case Reports

22nd World Cardiology Conference

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