Pesaro: Benelli Vintage Tour

17 giugno 2017 presso Moto Club Tonino Benelli di Pesaro a Pesaro.

The area from Bologna to Pesaro is considered the “terra di motori”, “land of engines”, and Pesaro is a small town by the sea with an incredible amount of small collections, museums, lovers of Italian brands, an exprience that an Italian motorcycle lover cannot miss !
Our vintage bikes will take us along the itineraries (between 70 and 200 kilometres every day) that will be chosen among the 12 proposed. Depending on the weather conditions and the “mood”, we will decide where to go and which bikes we want to use.
Every day we will start and end back at our hotel near Pesaro.
The fleet is at yourdisposal and each participant can use a different bike every day.
The itineraries will take us from the Adriatic Sea to the Appennini Mountains through the hills of the Marche region. Let the music of Gioacchino Rossini, the painting of Raffaello and the motorcycle adventures of Valentino Rossi guide your way! Every day we will ride, visiting Museums, a Castle or an Ancient Village on our way. Our guides will take you to visit and enjoy this beautiful corner of Italy, still relatively unknown and free of the touristic invasions!!
The program:

Indirizzo: Via Mameli 22, Pesaro
Benelli Vintage Tour

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