Perugia: Tango week with Michael 9-16/09/2016

09 settembre 2017 presso Agriturismo Poggiolo in Umbria a Perugia.

Learning is easy in beautiful surroundings with good, empathetic teachers – your mind is free for something new! We offer a challenging and intense instructional program for all levels. Our teachers pass on their knowledge and passion for tango as expert instructors and dancers. Among the courses offered are 10 hour courses conducted over a period of 5 days as well as theme workshops and basic principles workshops.

The program will include10 hours of instruction – to take place over the duration of 5 days – for dancers of varying levels, divided into separate instruction groups. In addition, you can choose workshops with different themes in order to work on specific areas or to expand on what you learned in the course.

Course levels:
Beginners and beginners with previous knowledge/ A Somewhat advanced level // B Mid-Level / C Upper-Level / D Very Advanced Level / E

Indirizzo: Strada Pilonico Materno, Perugia
Tango week with Michael 9-16/09/2016

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