Milan: World Business Forum Milano 2017

07 novembre 2017 presso MiCo: Milano Congressi a Milan.

As technology has advanced in recent years it has empowered us in so many ways – providing us with the data, metrics and automation that have driven vast improvements in productivity.

But now it is time to truly focus on the people that make up our organizations, freeing their potential, integrating technology so that it is at the service of people and not the other way around, and creating products that truly respond to people’s needs.

Let’s focus on people. Now and always.

WOBI presents World Business Forum 2017 – Humanification

– Michael Porter: Creating Shared Value: The New Strategy for Competitive Advantage.
– Chris Anderson: The Evolution of The Makers Movement.
– Nicholas Negroponte: Thriving in the new digital civilisation.
-Randi Zuckerberg: Putting Digital Technology to Work for You.
– Rachel Botsman: Trust and the evolution of the collaborative economy.
– Jonah Berger: Invisible influence and the forces that impact consumer behavior
– George Kohlrieser: Leadership as a Calling: Creating a Story of Inspiration, Passion and Purpose.
– Abigail Posner: How technology can make us more creative.
– Chris McChesney: Creating a Culture of Execution.

Indirizzo: Piazzale Carlo Magno 1 (Gate 17), Milan
World Business Forum Milano 2017

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