Florence: CICB 2017 Competition & Summer Program

31 luglio 2017 presso Florence, Italy a Florence.

Official Competition and Summer School Website:

Every three years CICB welcomes advanced level Cecchetti students from our seven member organisations to share their artistry, training and talent in a classical ballet competition. Prizes include not only cash awards but also scholarships for summer programs and year round programs in some of the finest training institutions in the world.
In 2017 the competition will be held in Florence Italy, hosted by Danzare Cecchetti A.N.C.E.C. Students not participating and teachers from any traiing method, can take part in the summer programs running consecutatively with the competition and take adavantage of studying with a world renowned faculty and support the competitiors as they demonstrate the beautiful results of training in the Cechetti Method.
CICB member organisations include:
• Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc.
• Cecchetti Society of Canada
• Cecchetti Council of America
• Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa
• Cecchetti Society UK
• Cecchetti USA
• Danzare Cecchetti – ANCEC Italia

CICB 2017 Competition & Summer Program

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