Faenza: LetterBody | LetterSoul with Sumner Stone

07 giugno 2017 presso Biblioteca Comunale Manfrediana di Faenza a Faenza.

In this workshop we will explore modes of creative thinking about letterforms and modes of creating strategies for making them.

These will be an exploration that combines drawing/writing with an examination of conceptual approaches to making typographic systems.

Enduring letterforms come from a synergistic process which involves thinking and making – then re-thinking and re-making. Ideal mental models are inevitably tested in the world of the senses.

This confrontation generally causes us to think once more and turn our eyes, hands, minds & hearts back to the craft. It is this iterative process that can move the discipline, and the forms, forward.

We invoke the spirits of Filocalus, Felice Feliciano, Poggio Bracciolini, Luca Pacioli, Louis Simmoneaux, Philippe Grandjean & Giambiattista Bodoni to help guide us in this journey.

Indirizzo: Via Manfredi, 14, Faenza
LetterBody | LetterSoul with Sumner Stone

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