Bologna: Level 1 Silks Teacher Training Bologna, Italy

30 marzo 2017 presso Bologna, Italy a Bologna.

Level 1 Silks Teacher Training in Bologna
This specialty event is organized with the help of LunaquichesAerea and Barbara Vitangeli

Bologna, Italy
Dates: March 30 -April 2 2017 10am-6:30pm
30 Hours – 4 days
With Instructor Sarah Bebe Holmes

Paper Doll Militia’s program includes equal parts critical thinking, technique, and creativity with teaching aerial arts. This holistic approach to aerial instruction, emphasizes creating a well-rounded class setting and incorporates the company’s quintessential creative attention to the apparatus. The training also comes with Julianna Hane’s “Aerial Teacher’s Handbook”, which covers a broad range of topics included in the training. For more info on this book visit

Interested in a full teacher training certification? We work with the Born to Fly Certification, a comprehensive program featuring live instruction and remote learning. Paper Doll Militia provides the live instruction and then partner with the makers of to bring you continuing education through online resources.

– one year of aerial experience
– Audition Video
1 climb (both sides)
Footlock (not from the floor)
3 footlock skills
Straddle invert from a climb

Some highlights of Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training:
• Skill Building and Technique
• Spotting Techniques
• Teaching with progressions
• Techniques for creating your own creative progressions on the fly
• Safe and creative warm up sequences
• Injury prevention through strengthening, stretching, and PT exercises
• Basic rigging guidelines
• Functional Anatomy
• Performative techniques, and expand the boundaries of “aerial arts”

Cost: €760
+ €45 for Julianna Hane’s “Aerial Teacher’s Handbook” (Unless you already have the book)

For more information email us at or go to our website . To register please fill out this registration form

Level 1 Silks Teacher Training Bologna, Italy

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