Alfiano Natta: August: 8 Days Communication Classes

16 agosto 2017 presso “A.C. Gentle Team” a Alfiano Natta.

This is not an event. This is The Event.
Eight days of assessments and Communication Classes.
Eight days in the field, with dogs, for dogs.
My thinking of Classes has totally changed when I moved to the Lakes.
For the first time, the classes were not taking place inside a fenced field, but outside. The enclosed area is now a safe space.
There is also the lake, and the water is another key element for the wellbeing of dogs.
I’m the director, not the protagonist, during the Classes.
I do not stand in the center of the scene, I don’t want pictures of myself hugging a dog, I do not control dogs, or pretend to tell dogs to behave (how a dog should behave, sic).
The actors are the dogs: Their personality, their emotional state, their motivations. The relationship with the owners. Communication Classes are not about dogs interacting with other dogs. It’s families interacting with a physical and social environment, learning to communicate, to be united and functional. To be happy together.
My role is also to translate the interactions to owners and the public, and even explain my methods. I want owners and trainers to turn this experience into knowledge, skills, competence.
Since last year, I introduced a new process, the D.B.C. ©, a powerful tool in Classes and in every human/dog relationship. I will explain it before starting classes, to increase owner’s awareness and communication skills.

There are people attenting the event from every part of Europe, every year. I will explain the interactions and methods in english. People can attend with or without a dog, to the event.
For information:

Indirizzo: Via Case Sparse, 1, Alfiano Natta
August: 8 Days Communication Classes

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